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Get a peek into my portfolio of ideas, thoughts, and experiments. I sought to explore a variety of ways to create and communicate, and continue to delve into the world of design and communication.

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Excerpt from a work in progress

The sun rose from the  far edge of the earth, illuminating the mangled shapes that were drenched in blood. A hand reached out from under the bodies like a tongue tasting the thick, humid air. The rest of the hand’s body emerged slowly but surely and its head...

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A Villanelle

You keep lying to my face and I think it’s true, The world turns faster as I begin to realize; In the end I’m alone and you’ve abandoned me too.   Your blank eyes remind me of someone I once knew, Their heart too was completely filled with lies; You keep lying to my...

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Yelahanka New Town

All my life, I have been moving, traveling, relocating. I have never lived in a house, with a neighborhood, and a backyard. Thus far, apartments and suitcases and occasionally hotel rooms have been my life. With so much change, it is difficult to find a place you can...

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