About Me

Ananya Gambhiraopet

I am a senior at Milton high school interested in creative design. Ialso love to travel and meet people. Having travelled a few countries and studied in different schools I am blessed to have an experience of different cultures, schooling and meeting some wonderful people and learning from my travels. 

My Hobbies


I love to draw, paint(mostly watercolors), read(a Potter fan), write, travel.


I am learning Kuchipudi, an Indian dance form


I am learning to play guitar

Awards & Achievements

School representation for honors program

I’ve been selected twice to represent the school for the Governer’s honors program. I reached the district level in two consecutive¬†years.

President of French Club

I’ve been selected as the President of my school’s French club due to my love for the language and culture.




YMCA Teen Leaders' Club

I am secretary of the Alpharetta Teen Leaders’ Club which is a volunteer organization within the community. Our aim is to give back to the Y and our society, by fundraising, organizing events, and volunteering.